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"tell this the story or the dream?" 

"tell this the story or the dream?" 


Artist Profile: Deborah Cavenaugh



This is a story about flying – the rhythms of migration, leaving home to go home. Deborah Cavenaugh is soaring above the hard trials of life. You can see it in the bright, playful watercolors with the happy field plants and the happier birds always taking to wing. You hear it in the titles: “I Kept Hoping I Could Fly” and “At Daybreak I Go.” You feel it in the red/green and orange/violet harmonies.

For Deborah it’s all part of the theme of her show, now at The Hill Center on Capitol Hill: “Leaving Home-Going Home.” After 20 years in North Carolina she is coming home.

Deborah turned to art with a toy watercolor set, a gift from her young daughters, at a difficult timin her life. It became a way to cope, “to turn hard times into truth and beauty.” She is also a life- coach to preteens and teens, using art to explore the same chance to fly, to lift off, to explore the life story that leaves the hand and finds itself on the paper, fashioning a new spirit from shy dreams.

That is another important element in her work: the hand that physically connects the mind to the surface and actually enters the picture plane. You will see original pencil drawings under the watercolors and other media – the painting within the painting. It’s the understory, the imprint of the artist’s hand.

Also in the show are new works, torn paper mosaics. In these energetic larger pieces the images play hide and seek, creating new perspectives. The overall patterns introduce your eyes to Cavenaugh’s stories, pictures with which to fly.





NPR's The Diane Rehm Show: Diane interviews Deborah

National Public Radio – Diane Rehm Show - International Distribution

Deborah Cavenaugh appeared on the Diane Rehm Show as part of series titled “Women at Work”.  Ms. Rehm said of Deborah’s work, “The color is so vivid. The brightness in each and every one of these [works] communicates a kind of joy that one doesn’t normally see in paint.”

read the release

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Star News Interview (by Lois Carol Wheatley)

Posted on January 4, 2011

Article from Wilmington Star News January 4th, 2011

By Lois Carol Wheatley

A certain storybook quality inhabits everything in the studio; fairy tales told in the form of candlesticks, clocks, lamps, glassware, jewelry, picture frames, small furniture, sculptures, cards and prints. “People walk in here and the first thing they say is this place makes me so happy,” said artist Deborah Cavenaugh.

She is the creator of the 2010 StarNews Media Commemorative Cup, a prime example of the storytelling motif of her artwork. Bright colors and a whimsical style depict Mott’s Seafood in Wrightsville Beach, all the way down to the fat cat on the porch and the miniature delivery truck—real details in an otherwise surreal setting.


“I’m a narrative painter, and my interior decorating is a narration,” she said. “I am a lifestyle artist, which means I have a cohesive, complete thought and I put art into everything. I think that home should be beautiful and I think that home should tell your story.”

That story should vary from the family room to the bedroom to the kitchen, and she said that families should build on their unique experiences—collections, souvenirs, heirlooms—to bring artistry to their home and illustrate their lives and their values.

“At the end of the day home is what you have, and it can be beautiful and wonderful and completely about what’s important to you. The reality is that’s often done in the smallest of ways, the perfect mug that you have your evening tea out of. You have fewer things but the things you have are important and beautiful in your eyes.”

She does commissioned paintings based as much on how things look from the exterior as the stories that inhabit their interiors. “I listen to you, I hear what you say and I interpret it into a painting. That’s a story about your family or whatever it is you’ve come to me for, and those go all over the world.”

She specializes in painting family portraits and she’s also portrayed significant scenes like a home or a bridal bouquet. “I take what I think and put it together with what you think. That’s what folks want. They want me to paint a painting of their house, but they want me to paint it like a Deborah Cavenaugh painting, so I bring it forward to a little story level.”

The items in her shop are no such collaborations, but rather her own complete artistic vision. “Everything from a little hand-painted box to a little vase that I’ve added a few jewels to a little table, it all works together. Nothing is out of place. It’s all one thought.”

Many are Wilmington scenes and themes, but some are from various different places and others are not rooted anywhere in particular. “My cards and prints have gone international. I’ve been in shops from Maine to Florida pretty steadily, and from time to time out in the Great Lakes.”

Children are inexorably drawn to her studio and she has about 30 students, an even mix of boys and girls, who come to take lessons and learn to work with their hands in various media. “They are really powerful young artists,” she said. “They’re highly motivated. I push them hard and we get incredible results.”

They don’t necessarily learn to paint bright pictures of happy scenes. “I want to see their point of view. I want to direct them and help them with technical skills but I definitely want them to develop along their own line. I’m very successful with my kids because I find out what they’re good at and as they get better at what they are good at all the other things follow along.”

She raised her own two children by herself and they grew up in her studio, contented to watch, learn and help out. In the sense that her studio is her home, it models what she thinks a home should be.

“What I think you should do in your house is you should build collections, that your house should talk about you, the same way if you’re an artist someone can look at your painting and know something about you. If they can’t you’re not putting much of yourself into your art. You just have good hands but your heart isn’t coming out into it.”

For some colorful illustrations of hand and heart, visit her studio at 4113-E Oleander Drive, call 367-5211, or go online at

The "This is Charlotte!" Interviews

Deborah Cavenaugh Introduces A Collection of New Paintings By Eight-Year Old Wilmington Artist, Charlotte Armitage.

Charlotte, a student of Deborah’s and the daughter of Dr. Sam and Debbie Armitage, created these paintings from October 2009 through June 2010. Having just completed the second grade at Friends School, Charlotte paints about the things that interest her, delight her and tell her own story. Her works are complete, composed, colorful and, just like Charlotte, bring such joy to the world.  With impressive drawing skills and tremendous brush control, her technique, artistic insight and abilities belie her age.  Charlotte also writes fiction and poetry, composes for violin and piano, and sings in a beautiful, child’s soprano.

Deborah Cavenaugh Studio...Goodbye

Everything comes to an end. Every ending is a new beginning. If I am willing, my life is about to start anew.

I have enjoyed my years here, in Wilmington, as an artist. It has been a big and impactful time of my life. I have found my art. I have raised my children. I have made a new beginning and a new ending.

I have learned so much and written what I know to be true on my paintings. I have told my story and been heard. I have been myself and been loved. I have opened my heart and been healed.

I don’t leave here easily. How could I? Here, on this southern soil, I have poured out my heart and sent soaring my hopes and found pieces of myself I never knew existed.

Where do I go from here? I wish I had the answer to that. The only thing I know is, I go forward. I keep trying. I believe in myself and my God and hope. “Hope is the belief in things not seen.” I am believing that there is a new beginning out there for me. I just have to go and find it.

Star News Interview: This Is Charlotte

June 17, 2010 – Wilmington Star News – Ben Steelman

Article about Deborah Cavenaugh’s Student “Charlotte Armitage” and her new show “This is Charlotte”.

“The thing about her work is, it’s clear, it’s innocent,” Cavenaugh said. “Charlotte paints like a storyteller. She paints what delights her.”


Little Big Shots - Charlotte Armitage Interview

July, 2010 – Focus on the Coast 
Jennifer-Jon Choate

Article about Deborah Cavenaugh’s student Charlotte Armitage

“Deborah helps me with my strokes, layering paint the right way, blending the paint and learning cutting out techniques. Like Like mosts artists, Charlotte has a favorite time and place to paint, but her mom shares with a smile, “Charlotte would paint night and day if I let her.”