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WordPress Design Inspiration 5 – for Header Design for a Blog

60 Mind-Blowing Hand Drawn Website Designs For Your Inspiration

40 of the most beautiful hand-drawn site designs, (China)

7 Sites Da Vinci Should Have Painted

“Some web designers like to push the boundaries in terms of artistic design, and for most of us it’s nice to come across some eye candy once in a while. Here’s a selection of a few of the best.”

60+ Amazing Examples Of Illustrative Web Designs With Overview

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The 50 backgrounds of the web’s most creative, (Italy)

20 Creative Hand Drawn Websites Designs

“cool creative hand drawn design style”

43 Impressive and Fully Creative Hand Drawn Websites

“trendy and unique design”

Showcase: 30+ Creative WordPress Blogs Design Layouts

Nice & Creative Website Headers for your Inspiration

25 Incredibly Artistic Websites

60 hand-painted graffiti style sites, (site is in Chinese – rough translation)

Getting Inspired by 35 Eyecatching Illustrated Websites

“inspiring creative talent”

Hand-drawn website designs

“beautiful websites that were based on hand-drawn designs”

Showcase Of Websites With Watercolour Effect

40 Beautifully Designed Search Boxes to Inspire you

“examples of search boxes that push the envelope”


30+ amazing “cartoony” websites

30 Creative Examples of Illustrations in Web Design

50 Awesome Examples and Tutorials of Illustrations in Web Design For Your Inspiration

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Web Design Trends 2010-2011

56 websites with awesome footers

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20 Super Search Bars

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Getting Inspired by 35 Eyecatching Illustrated Website

Comunitatea Wedmasterilor din Romania – Art Web Designs,(Romania)

16 Beautiful and Creative Website Headers

20 very creative design of search box, (China)

50 superbes designs, (France)

CSS Bag Daily Inspiration

CSS Dance web design inspiration

69 Attractive Hand-Drawn Website Designs

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This Week’s Top 10 Web Design, (Netherlands)

Creative website designs


20 must-see eCommerce sites