I love doing these.  Save your invites and napkins and bits and pieces from the wedding to do.  I will incorporate them in a painting for the bride and groom.  We can go many ways with this--one of my favorites is a still life with the bridal bouquet in a vase.  I paint it first and them go back in with the collage material to make it truly special.  I am able to put their names, wedding date and place into the painting.  This is a wonderful gift.  I provide a card with a small original painting on the front for you to give them on the wedding day and have the finished painting collage in your hands 30 days after I receive your information, picture, and items. The price is $400 for an 11 x 14 which is a size that can be framed by you. Below you will see a few samples - a Chagallesque painting of the bride and groom (with some of the invitation collaged in) , the wedding party at the chapel, the bride and groom at their families old home place, a map of the honeymoon island....  I can paint whatever you wish.  For these more complex paintings, price depends on what you need.

Contact Deborah to get your commission going.