Deborah Cavenaugh Studio...Goodbye

Everything comes to an end. Every ending is a new beginning. If I am willing, my life is about to start anew.

I have enjoyed my years here, in Wilmington, as an artist. It has been a big and impactful time of my life. I have found my art. I have raised my children. I have made a new beginning and a new ending.

I have learned so much and written what I know to be true on my paintings. I have told my story and been heard. I have been myself and been loved. I have opened my heart and been healed.

I don’t leave here easily. How could I? Here, on this southern soil, I have poured out my heart and sent soaring my hopes and found pieces of myself I never knew existed.

Where do I go from here? I wish I had the answer to that. The only thing I know is, I go forward. I keep trying. I believe in myself and my God and hope. “Hope is the belief in things not seen.” I am believing that there is a new beginning out there for me. I just have to go and find it.