Every family has that special place where they gather or share best times and memories.  It could be a place you gather now or one that lives in your memories. In my family portraits, I endeavor to create a moment in time that will forever be a blessing.  If I do my job well, when you look at the painting in the future, your thoughts will be of the love you share.  The settings for the family portraits have been wide - kitchens to living rooms, beach to park, Paris to Disney World.  Wherever that special memory lives in the heart of your family, I am happy to paint it for you.  The price of Family Commissions depends on size, number of folks and difficulty.  Most of these have no facial features, but that is because I am well known for that style.  If you want a more intimate portrait, please make sure to check out the Individual Portrait pages to see some faces.

Contact Deborah to begin the process of your Family Portrait.