Reviews of Deborah's Website

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Inspiration: 120 super horizontal CSS menu designs, (Germany)

"The knowledge of technical implementation, everyone can acquire. Creativity can only be encouraged" (translation)

inspirational blog designs, (Sweden)

"beautiful, smart and "Out of the box" design" (translation)

Featured Post about, (Russia)

"First glance of this site shows a lot of things happening. It is definitely not just another design blog on WordPress, it is a a full watercolor painting, and precisely what makes Deborah! It is very easy to see what she is thinking as the designer of this site." (translation)

Top 10 eCommerce Web Designs

"brilliantly designed and well organized examples of eCommerce web design""This colorful and vivid eStore is a personal page of Deborah Cavenaugh – artist and designer. You can buy unique and bright hand-made Jewelry, Prints and other stuff from Deborah at the site."

25+ Truly Artistic WordPress Header Designs

"Deborah Cavenaugh presenting the true form of water color. She presented her creativity on a wordpress header. All work has done in water color, She began painting on Mother’s Day in 1992 after her children presented her with a box of watercolors they bought in a toy store."

60 Websites with hand-crafted items, (Spain)

"designed with style, art and a touch of informality by the use of the technique." (again rough translation from Spanish)

Illustrators - Deborah Cavenaugh, (Portugal)

"The illustrator Deborah Cavenaugh does an amazing job, because with bright colors and happy she can put kindness, gentleness and peace in his art" (translation)

33 Nicely Designed And Well-Colored But Simple Web Designs

"simple and beautiful"

200 best illustrations in web design

"Deborah’s place is just her, all her artwork is present across the site, empowering her identity."

Watercolor effect in website design, (Russia)

"The Hand drawn design saves us from the strict lines and adds a "human" element." (translation)

14 Truly Artistic WordPress Header Designs

"This site’s header has a lot going on. It shows the true form of water color type art on a WordPress header. Would be curious to know what Deborah was thinking when this site was designed."

Friday Focus 11/28/08: Huge Backgrounds

"The designer certainly took risks in this instance, and you’ll probably either love it or hate it."">

Sketch in Web Design, (Portugal)

"positive and authentic web design" (translation)

36+ Unique Wordpress Header Design Inspiration

"worthy of the same attention as other art works receive in galleries"

40 Most Beautiful Hand-Drawn Website Designs

"The advantage for adopting this kind of graphics is that you will get a very vibrant, natural look which will convey a sense of sincerity and originality to your site or blog."

Design Inspirations - Magento Websites

"Deborah Cavenaugh uses hand illustrated design elements and background to create her beautiful Magento based site. Her blog styled site shows off her art and collection of products that she offers. Cavenaugh's site is one of the more unique eCommerce stores around the web."

31 web design as depicted in watercolor paints, (Japan)

"Deborah Cavenaugh. The menu buttons and logos for the web site are made by the design style of watercolor including the backgrounds, all parts by hand. By using large background anyone would have an interest with this website. It is pretty, with well designed menus and buttons." (translation)


"The very best of these designs are still well organized, but they bring a little of that un-restricted, freeform nature of pen and paper to our screens."

Illustrative examples of web sites, (Spain)

"the drawings and colorful illustrations, which enable to give the website a colorful and friendly presence" (translation)

30 Super Cool Grunge Blog Designs

"very distinct mix of professional and grungy elements"

Creative Illustration On WordPress Themes

"a new breed of artist in town"

Illustration-inspired design, (Japan)

Post about "The illustration style design in vogue today. Website design is apt to be inorganic, warm design in this manner creates a good impression." (rough translation from Japanese)

cssCatwalk - Featuring Sites With Style

"Most people can quickly design a header with photoshop but not everyone can draw."

60 Mind-Blowing Hand Drawn Website Designs for Your Inspiration

"artistic and personal touch that awes people"

25 Attractive And Creative WordPress Header Designs

one "of the most attractive, creative designs by talented designers who push the limits of WordPress theming and raise the bar for the rest of us"

Designing The Holy Search Box: Examples And Best Practices

"In fact, search is the user’s lifeline to mastering complex websites. The best designs offer a simple search box on the home page and play down advanced search and scoping."

20 Creative Hand Drawn Website Designs, Turkey

"hand drawn design made with great passion" (translation)

Web Navigation Design Reference - article about horizontal menu design, China

"user friendly, but also consistent with the site design" (translation)