There won't be many days like this….

Friends…it has been a long time…

I havn't sent a newsletter for almost a year.  It is not because I do not think of you all or miss the folks who made me the artist I am, because I do miss you and think of you everyday.

Most of you know, that the past few years have been a tough economic hit for me (as well as many other folks).  It is hard not to long for your life that once was.  There is much to miss and much to carry fondly in your heart.  There is much that is gone, now.  There is much that can’t be recovered. We have had to make some big adjustments and accept some new realities.  I do not know how hard you have had things go, but I also don’t know a family who doesn't have someone affected by the current economy.

Me, I am strong, mostly, and I carry on as best I can for that day.  For a long time, I didn’t paint.  I was sort of mad at painting.  Maybe the best way to express it was it felt I was just flapping my wings but going nowhere.  I had to learn that to go forward, we must accept where we are now.  Look at it, hold it in our hands and examine what we have left that is good and real.  As long as you are willing to face today full on and take one step forward to the tomorrow you seek, then, you are doing well.  You haven’t given up nor have you been beaten.

Remember, no matter what is taken away from you, the essential you that lives in your heart, mind and soul cannot be taken.

So, I am still in Washington, DC.  My children are doing great.  I am so happy for their happiness.  I have a bustling after school art lesson program that I teach everyday at a different DC school.  It is prosperous and doing well.  But, oh how it makes me miss my young artists in North Carolina.  What a blessing each and every one of you were to me.  You inspired me and made me want to be not only a better artist but a better person.  My young artists, I will never forget you.  I will never stop caring for you.  I will never stop missing you.  My door is always open to you whenever or wherever I can help.  I hope you know that.

On to the new business!!  I am writing to tell you of my newly expanded website.  I am back on the horse!!  I will be sending newsletters again and blogging again. The website offers lots of new things…and is expanding even as you read this.

-You can Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter or etc. right from the site. 

-One-piece cotton rompers from my Children’s Print Line are for sale now on on the Zazzle Auxilliary site--TAKE A LOOK --36 images and growing with lots of possibilities.

-Tees for bigger kids and adults are coming soon.  

-Prints which once were offered in just one size and on paper, are now offered in

   more sizes AND on paper and or canvas with framing as an option.

-The Jewelry Line will be on the site soon with a small offering of my work. 

-I have expanded the types of commission I offer, adding photos of past images to help with the decision making.

 -A  section with gift suggestions for Babies, Weddings and Showers is in the works.

-I am offering a traveling workshop – get some friends together for the weekend and I will come and teach.

-I do a lot of graphic design for folks and am offering my services for logos,packaging, banners, signage and the like.   

-I added a new Individual Portraits Category to commissions that is fun and quirky and evolved from spending toooo much time in the coffee shop.  Tryst in Adams Morgan, if I must confess.

And so forth and so forth.  I have lots of ideas.

The site is actually all brand new although it has much of the old sites appearance.  I built it myself.  Ouch, that hurt!!!  I know it has flaws and errors, so when you find one please let me know.   I need you help!!!  Don’t give up on my clumsy efforts, just let me know and I will get it right.

Visit the site and look around.  All comments are appreciated.  If you have an idea, that is appreciated, too. I am an artist for people (and not so much for museums).  Let me know what you want and what you like.  I will listen.

 I will leave you with these three thoughts…

   Take notice of this day, there won’t be another like it.

Remember, celebrate and love your past, but do not grieve that it is gone.  Let it go. All new   beginnings require some type of ending.  So be it.

Encourage yourself with yourown words.  I promise it will be meaningful to hear your      own voice speak kindly and encouragingly to and about yourself.  And, encourage those you meet.  It’s an easy gift to give and one so sorely needed.

Here is a little slide show I invite you to watch. It is full of art that I made over a 20-year stretch.  All of the works are about home.  If I am honest, I can hardly watch this without tears that follow a deep surge of joy and remembrance and longing for all of you for all you have given to me throughout the years.  If I could, I would hug you all.  You have been most kind and generous and thoughtful towards me.