Pink Ribbon "Standing in the hope of a new day"

About the print “Standing in the hope of the new day” -

I created this painting for the Pink Ribbon Society of Wilmington, North Carolina. My paintings usually tell a story using symbols that we all know and remember.

This painting tells the story of a woman on a journey.There is a path. She doesn’t know where it will lead, but she knows that she is on it.There is a fence, and she knows that others have been on the path before her.

The path leads to a rising hill (it is not an easy journey), and to a rising sun (there is hope for tomorrow).

The path is marked by guideposts (she is not alone), and lit by lanterns (maybe there are angels nearby).

She is watched over by a bird, a symbol in all my paintings for God watching over us.

Waiting along the path are sunflowers—maybe a reminder that others are waiting to help her through or maybe a symbol of those who have traveled this path before her.

The heart-shaped leaves of the sunflowers reach out as all the hearts of those around her do.

The guideposts mark a journey that must be undertaken. The guideposts mark a passage that will change everything.

We turn to our woman. Hat on her head, she is ready to face this day. Hoe in her hand, she will do the work. Protected by her apron of pink ribbons, she will not enter this garden alone. Barefoot, she begins, one step at a time.

We consider the garden. The garden—a place were we move and act on faith The garden—a place where the acorn can become the miracle oak The garden—where we know for sure: God is. Life goes on. Miracles happen everyday.

In this garden our woman will begin her work and her journey “standing in the hope of the new day”.