Each Passage Teaches Us Who We Are

The truth is there is no other way to learn but to be tested, to be allowed to strengthen and rise. How will you ever understand your weaknesses until they are made plain through your challenges? How will you ever know how strong you are unless a feat of strength is required that goes way beyond any comfort zone? How will you ever know how fast you can run unless you are truly running for your life? How will you understand the depth of your faith until there is nowhere else to turn?

We can only ever discover our own true courage, strength, faith, intelligence, and purpose through the passages we embrace or refuse.

Let us embrace the passages for they are a blessing. Our passages narrow the way and keep us on the road. They guide us and teach us. Our passages honor us with the opportunity to become more in every way.

It is good to know who we are becoming. You may think you know who you are already, but no matter your age that person is only a new beginning place. There is more to know and more to become. Whomever it is you were born to be can only be discovered through the passages you agree to complete.