Home is on my mind these days

finding a way back home / 12 x 24 / watercolor

Painted on cradleboard and ready to hang with no framing necessary

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I have been working on a new series of small, multimedia domestic scenes and still lifes. Home is on my mind these days.

Sometime in the spring or early summer, I will move away to a new, and yet unknown, home. Change brings so many emotions and for me, my emotional life rules my art life. I'm not resisting. I am accepting the transition in both of my worlds.

My home is changing and that is changing my work. I don't necessarily want that...but change is here. It's good and bad, clear and complicated, simple and impossible, frightening and exciting. Everything at once and all together. It is what it is.

You can't be afraid to change.  You can't grow if you don't change.  You can't become the best version of yourself if you are afraid to change.  This is true in life.

This is also true in art, although most artists will say you must always do what you are known for...I say HAH!  I, like most artists, am essentially known for commenting on life/my life/life-in-general through my art.  Life changes and so do my comments.  Sometimes I am happy with how things are and sometimes I need a new dress to set things right.  And sometimes I need a new art idea to say it right.

Take a look around the website and you will see some new ideas and ways emerging in my art.  I am happy that I am not afraid to let the changes happen.  I hope you will be too.

Home is on my mind.  Old home, new home, lost home, found home.  Things are what they used to be but something I don't recognize after 60 years of getting it just right.  OK.  Whatever.  I can change the way I tell my story and create my new home out of what I have and what I am and what I know to be true.