a word about Mrs. Mazursky

When you are gone I dream of you / 40 x 30 / acrylic

Painted on canvas and ready to hang with no framing necessary


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A word about Mrs. Mazursky, who is the women in all of my paintings. Mrs. Mazursky was born in my heart the summer I was pregnant with my first child, Hunter. I was on the beach reading a book whose title I have long since forgotten. There was a character that passed away—she had a name that could have been Mazursky but I don’t really know for sure. When Mrs. Mazursky’s children (who thought she had been a wonderful mother) came home to clean out her house, they discovered some paintings she had created—paintings of mothers in their ordinary work-a-day lives. At first her children were puzzled by this discovery, but then they remembered that maybe their mother just might have said something once upon a time about painting--maybe. Mrs. Mazursky was an artist, but to her children she was just a mom. Being close to the time of the birth of my own child, my mind flooded with images of beautiful simple women at the stove and the laundry line doing the beautiful, simple, profound work that is motherhood. I never forgot these images. I still strive to paint Mrs. Mazursky just like I see her in my mind’s eye.

It wasn’t until ten years later, when my son, Hunter, and my daughter, Layne, gave me a box of paints purchased from a toy store for Mother’s Day, that I dared to dream of painting Mrs. Mazursky’s world. I never thought of myself as an artist. I made the first painting because my children insisted. “Don’t you like your gift, Mama?” I painted full time for one year before I dared try and create a Mazursky Madonna.

For me, Mrs. Mazursky is the iconographic mother. She is my mother, she is me, she is my daughter when her children arrive. Mrs. Mazursky is never too good for her job. Mrs. Mazursky is in the moment. She is aware of the beauty that has been entrusted to her. She knows the simple truth that her life is her dream of her own making. Mrs. Mazursky lives with her family and furniture right out on the sand, down by the sea, down by the edge of the world. The sea makes all things seem possible. It makes dreaming simple and life more trouble free and better too, somehow. It makes it easier for Mrs. Mazursky to never forget that while you can easily list the things going wrong on a given day, you can never stay awake long enough to list the things going right.