Bald Head Island NC

An absolute favorite place of mine is Bald Head Island, NC. I have had some wonderful family vacations out there, away from everything, floating in the deep blue sea.

Coastal North Carolina Map NC
“Coastal NC Map”
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The Marina at Bald Head Island
“The Marina at Bald Head Island”
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BHI is a beautiful island just off the coast of North Carolina reachable only by ferry.   Upon arriving in the charming marina, you board a trolley for the ride to your rental.  There are no automobiles on BHI.  All the homes come with a golf cart to tool around the island in.

Life is always better with a dream
“Life is always better with a dream”
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the gift of an unhurried day
“the gift of an unhurried day”
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There is much to love about Bald Head.  The beaches are never crowded.  The roads are never congested. Everything you might need is right on the island.   There is a rare maritime forest with walking trails.  The fishing is good. The living is great.

who could foresee this day full of good?
“who could foresee this day”
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we are a gift to each other
“we are a gift to each other”
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Just at the edge of the marina, there is a beautiful old light house,  Old Baldy. Worth the trip, just to see that.  Next door to Old Baldy is the island chapel, popular for weddings and an inspirational place to worship on Sunday.

Old Baldy Light - BHI
“Old Baldy Light”
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The Chapel at Bald Head Island
“The Chapel at Bald Head Island”
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On BHI, they look after the sea turtles marking and protecting their nests.  The island has a Turtle Conservancy that studies the turtles and offers workshops and camps.

Sea Turtle
“Sea Turtle”
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there is a language which has no words
“there is a language which has no words”
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Nighttime on Bald Head is special, Whether you stay in a hotel or rent a beach house, it is so quiet and peaceful.  With no cars to interrupt the sounds of the ocean and breezes, it is grand way to sleep with windows thrown open.  And the stars are abundant in way you don’t often experience any more.

Not a lot is out there on Bald Head Island…a little bit of shopping… oceanfront…beach houses…a chapel…a lighthouse…peace and quiet…a slow and steady pace.  Not a lot, like I said….but just exactly right.

life is easy on the isle of dreams (Bald Head Island)
“life is easy on the isle of dreams”
Watercolor Print - $40