Bald Head Island Art

I am so pleased to present the newest print offering in my Bald Head Island series. “Life is easy on the isle of dreams,” is a great little artwork featuring the BHI Harbor, Eb and Flo’s, Old Baldy, and (if you look close) even a bit of the Bald Head Island Chapel.

life is easy on the isle of dreams (Bald Head Island)
“life is easy on the isle of dreams”
Watercolor Print - $40

The idea came to me when I was arriving on the island by ferry one day last fall. It was a beautiful afternoon, folks were around, a couple of little sailboats were at play. Perfect, really. I carry a notebook everywhere I go. When I got off the ferry, I sat down and sketched this idea out. I really love this print. “Life is easy on the isle of dreams” brings back many memories of good vacations and coastal cottages and the great Bald Head Island, North Carolina… and that just makes me happy. I hope it will make you happy, too.