Waiting (and waiting) for go

I’m like a lot of folks right now out here in the big world looking for a job.  All the old ideas like “beating the pavement” or circling ads in a newspaper are defunct now.  The way things work in today’s world  you look online and apply online (usually never ever knowing for sure if anybody ever got your cover, resume, writing sample, online application, transcript, and references).  It’s so odd.  It’s exhausting.  You do a lot with almost no feedback, not even a “got your app” email. Frustrating!  Maddening!  Only the strong will survive! I would like to say that this passage in my life has taught me the virtue of patience.  That would be a lie! I’m feeling like I have been in the starter blocks for a looonnng time.  I’m down, set, ready and waiting for go! The problem is I am just not the wait-around type.  Now, I have great patience for other folks, but when it comes to my own self—not so much!  I like to make a plan and work the plan.  I am decisive.  I go.  I don’t wait for go…until now…ugh.

Oh well.  I could rant for a while, but I have a ton of job boards that need my attention.  Maybe there is magic for me in one of those posts. Maybe?  Keep me in your prayers!