Deborah Cavenaugh Studio

[youtube width="520" height="318"][/youtube] I invite you to share in my happiness... I can't help it. I am so very happy about how my new studio has turned out. I think of myself as a life style artist. Everything I do is informed by my belief that life is beautiful, there is always goodness, you can have peace. Where else to start, but in your own home? When I was much younger, I went to a New Years' Day Meditation for World Peace in a church in my hometown, Washington, DC. As I set in silence and candlelight, I felt way too small and way too young to figure out, even for a moment, how to meditate for something as large as peace in the entire world. It came to me, as I sat there, that the best way to practice such an intention, was to be vigilant about peace in my own home. I grew up in a poor and very unpeaceful environment where fear was my most frequent emotion. I remember a day, a particularly bad day, in my childhood when something inside of me woke up. I stood and declared that my children would never endure what my brothers and myself endured. They haven't. I am devoted to a beautiful, peaceful home where all are loved, all are respected, and the way to a good life is evident.

I invite you to share in my happiness... In my studio I have made many things for your home beyond paintings and prints. They reflect who I am and what I believe in. They intend a happy and peaceful home. This is my prayer for all of you, as it is my prayer for myself. I remind you to keep your home beautiful and peaceful and a loving respite for all the trials that are life going on. -Deborah

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