“here I belong to me”

I am believing the way will be made - 24 x 24 - watercolor

painted on cradleboard and ready to hand - no framing required


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There is a longing only the sea can fill. I have returned and returned to this theme in my work--the woman on the island of her own making down by the sea, where everything seems possible. We all live the life of our own creation, one way or the other. I’m not saying you created the economy or weather. I’m saying you created your life. You decided how it would work, what you would do, what you would accept. You decide if you will smile today or only see the half-full glass. All that is only up to you.

A great truth is that we have the power, always, to dream a new life.

By the sea, I feel like I belong to myself. By the sea, we feel free and all our dreams seem likely. It is a place of possibility and longing and dreams. The sea brings this out for me and for so many of us. I think that’s why we struggle to get there so we can plop down and stare at the endless possibilities it represents.

The woman in my paintings is never unhappy or bored or sad. She loves the life she lives. And, why not? It is, after all, her own dream. Yet, she always knows there is more to the world than just her own island. And yes, she sometimes does have a longing for something that she isn't even sure what to call. But that’s ok.  The longing is the fodder of new dreams….