“in every ending … a new beginning”

there is always another journey / 9 x 12 / mixed medium watercolor

9 x 12

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We don’t like to be tested, to be called to experience another passage. Mostly, I think this comes from our fears—fears of failure, fears of the unknown and the known, fears of the future and even fears of our own true selves. The thing is, that there is no other way to learn but to be tested and allowed to falter, strengthen and rise.

How will we ever overcome our weaknesses until they are made plain through our challenges?

How will we ever know how strong we are unless a feat of strength is required that goes way beyond any comfort zone?

Whomever it is you were born to be can only be discovered through the passages you agree to complete.  You may think you know who you are already, but no matter your age that person is only a new beginning place. There is more to know and more to become…but that will only be revealed through the passages you are willing to undertake.