“there is a season”

I've done that long enough / 9 x 12 / mixed medium watercolor

9 x 12

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To everything there is a season. I know this to be true now more than anytime in my life. Change is all around. It may be for the good, or it may be for the bad. No matter. Most things are largely out of our control most of the time. We do, however, get to control how we think about it. Will we choose to be happy and go forward?

Will we choose to see possibilities and not just impossibilities?

Will we remember to be grateful for all the beauty and wonder and blessings that even the hardest of times cannot take away from us?

Will we hold on to the truth that no matter the trial, the essential you cannot be taken away?

Hold on to the good you have today. Push from your thinking that which you don't control. Focus on a hopeful tomorrow. Live in the good stuff... it makes every day easier.