The Next Frontier

October 01, 2008 - Encore Magazine - Lauren Hodges Hodges' article about Wrightsville Avenue Working Artist Studios (WAWAS) of which Deborah Cavenaugh is a founding member.

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Art of affirmation

March 20, 2008 - Wilmington Star News - John Staton Article about Deborah Cavenaugh and the positive messages she promotes from within her art.

"Her bright watercolors, many of them beach and garden scenes or still-lifes inscribed with hand written affirmations ("I'm believing all things are possible"), are instantly recognizable and emit a kind of hard-worn serenity."

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Two lives less 'Ordinary'

August 16, 2007 - Wilmington Star News - Isabel Heiblich Art Review of "A Celebration of Ordinary Times"

Ms. Heiblich has written a inspirational piece about Deborah's work and how she weaves her philosophy into her art using the most ordinary of visions.  Ordinary Times was a joint show with nationally renowned artist, Ivey Hayes

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Article in Wilmington Star News

July 18, 2007 - Wilmington Star News - Heather Ross Deborah's greeting card line reaches a national distribution. Ms. Ross writes about the chronology of the card line and Deborah as an artist.

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Pelican Post Magazine Cover

May 2007 - The Pelican Post - Cover Art This is Deborah's second cover for The Pelican Post, a magazine that services the beautiful seaside town of Southport, NC (worth the trip if you've never been).  The piece is a print from her line entitled "The way is clear for those who seek" and part of her long going themes of by-the-sea living and Mrs. Mazursky, an iconographic woman who appears in many of Deborah's paintings.

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Local artist encourages kids' imperfections

October 2006- Lumina News - Abby Cavenaugh Local artist encourages kids imperfections

Deborah lends her talents to many charitable and good works.  Abby Cavenaugh's (no relation) article highlights a talk Deborah gave to local school children at the Wrightsville Beach Elementary School in NC about art and learning to accept yourself.

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Article in Wilma Magazine

September, 2006 - Wilma Magazine - Susan Hance She opts for happiness in her art

Ms. Hance's portrait of the artist is a concise and enlightening history of Deborah's journey and her mission in regard to her work.

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