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[youtube width="520" height="318"][/youtube] I invite you to share in my happiness... I can't help it. I am so very happy about how my new studio has turned out. I think of myself as a life style artist. Everything I do is informed by my belief that life is beautiful, there is always goodness, you can have peace. Where else to start, but in your own home? When I was much younger, I went to a New Years' Day Meditation for World Peace in a church in my hometown, Washington, DC. As I set in silence and candlelight, I felt way too small and way too young to figure out, even for a moment, how to meditate for something as large as peace in the entire world. It came to me, as I sat there, that the best way to practice such an intention, was to be vigilant about peace in my own home. I grew up in a poor and very unpeaceful environment where fear was my most frequent emotion. I remember a day, a particularly bad day, in my childhood when something inside of me woke up. I stood and declared that my children would never endure what my brothers and myself endured. They haven't. I am devoted to a beautiful, peaceful home where all are loved, all are respected, and the way to a good life is evident.

I invite you to share in my happiness... In my studio I have made many things for your home beyond paintings and prints. They reflect who I am and what I believe in. They intend a happy and peaceful home. This is my prayer for all of you, as it is my prayer for myself. I remind you to keep your home beautiful and peaceful and a loving respite for all the trials that are life going on. -Deborah

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This is Charlotte - Interview

Deborah Cavenaugh Introduces A Collection of New Paintings By Eight-Year Old Wilmington Artist, Charlotte Armitage.

Charlotte, a student of Deborah's and the daughter of Dr. Sam and Debbie Armitage, created these paintings from October 2009 through June 2010. Having just completed the second grade at Friends School, Charlotte paints about the things that interest her, delight her and tell her own story. Her works are complete, composed, colorful and, just like Charlotte, bring such joy to the world.  With impressive drawing skills and tremendous brush control, her technique, artistic insight and abilities belie her age.  Charlotte also writes fiction and poetry, composes for violin and piano, and sings in a beautiful, child’s soprano..

New Christmas Ornaments

[youtube width="520" height="318"][/youtube]

I create all of these ornaments from copper, canvas, shell and glass. I really love them. Plus, I can name drop many of these with a beach or person’s name as I create them myself. All-in-all a pretty cool addition to your tree or special gift to give.

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